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to be frank, it rather stinks. but I do see a lot of potential in your animation. just keep on working on that and let someone else come up with the jokes ;)


I was checking through my reviews, and I saw one I wrote awhile ago for one of your earlier movies. In it, I stated that you had potential, but I thought that you were wasting your time on it. Now I see that you took the advice on that one and made something way better and funnier! :D keep it up, I'll be looking forward to more of your stuff.

TT2wist responds:

Thank you soooo much!


I like your art style and animation. though I think you're wasting your time on this flash. you should try making a longer flash with story and good dialogue. you have potential, don't waste it!

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This actually made me laugh. Although the only thing you do is push Humpty off the wall by clicking the finger, I thought it was well made and pretty addictive. I also think that you could get pretty popular here on NG if you made longer games with your sense of humor and assumed flash talent. And since you have stated that you will make some "PROPER Flash stuff soon" I cant wait =D wow.....kinda long review for such a short thing....

the game play is ok

for ten seconds, its got a pretty fun gameplay. the spacebar control doesnt always seem to work though. one thing that I personally dont like are games that play off a religion. I think its wrong when it leans on the negative side/mocking (the whole cross thing when game over)... I will probably get a "useless" review for that comment but I felt like it needed to be stated.


like everyone else, at first I thought this was just some boring love story. then I played it a little more. this is such a great idea! this should be made longer or into a whole console game :D I really like it! the only thing I noticed wrong, is that you can see a little yellow line on the left side of the screen, but it doesnt really matter. again, great game, I wish I could work with you in the future!

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...it's not the most detailed character but it works....next you need to learn how to animate well so that you can make movies with him in them


I dont know the person its supposed to be, so that might make my review better xD I really like your stuff. you have great shading and perception. cant believe you havent been scouted yet =/

bboykrillin responds:

I need to get four finished pieces up first before i can be scouted, i'll get there eventually :D


This will probably sound weird, I like how you did his skin. You got it very fleshy looking and the shading and lighting are really professional looking. the face itself is pretty funny too xD

bboykrillin responds:

Cheers mate, my digital painting is a long way off from being where i'd like it to be, but thanks for the compliment :)

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