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Coaster Testers Episode 2 is now out!

2009-06-29 16:08:38 by AllBlue

I was really stunned by how much you guys liked this one! I personally didn't think it would get a high rating or a daily award, so it was a pleasant surprise when I got online today and saw that I had won a daily fourth place with a score of 3.61. After seeing this, I am definitely going to continue the Coaster Testers series and also try to start other shows for the 'Allblue Channel'. Thanks again for all the positive comments!

Coaster Testers Episode 2 is now out!


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2009-08-19 20:31:56

looks pretty sweet cant wait

AllBlue responds:

thanks man


2010-01-10 10:22:29

Oh wow...awesome! Can't wait to see it.


2010-01-25 07:49:05

Daily 4th nice man.
Good flash, in my opinion better then pants on the ground flash ( daily 3rd winner )
A well.

AllBlue responds:

well I did have a higher score than him for almost the whole day then at the end of the day he got 2 lousy points higher than me winning him a daily third =/ and at the moment mine has a higher score again...